Hi everyone!

I’m glad you have come to visit my blog – I hope you find my posts informative, interesting, helpful and thought provoking. You will find plenty of posts about web development, S.E.O, and social media on my blog – some are by myself, and some are by people I have met through various web development and S.E.O forums.

I am interested in web development, search engine optimization, cricket, soccer, and the dream to travel on a global scale. I am interested in programming languages, such as Java, C#, PHP, jQuery, and Javascript, and also HTMl5 and CSS3.

Want to exchange links with me? Feel free to get in contact with me via my Twitter account. Due to obvious reasons, I won’t give out my email address to random people – as I am too busy to manage spam emails. If you would rather email me, you will need to demonstrate you’re not just wanting to solicit buyers for your product or signups to your affiliate programs (I could go on here, but I’m guessing you know what unsolicited emails are).