Tips to Build a Good Mobile Website Design

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How to create a good mobile website design

Mobile Website Design

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[schema type="review" name="Mobile Web Design" description="Here are some helpful tips to consider while implementing a successful mobile website design. Make use of over 5 billion mobile users worldwide." author="Rob Attfield" pubdate="2013-02-11" ]

Today, most of the people are dependent on their cell phones for internet access. Websites on the mobile have compact information, which doesn’t confuse the user – and it are easy to surf. To build a good mobile website design, one must keep the following points in mind:

  • The screen of any mobile is smaller in size. So, the website which you generally use to make is according to the size of HD computers and laptops, which will create problems when opened on mobile due to mobile’s high resolution. So, one must mobile website design for mobile phones, so that it can easily be opened on the mobile.
  • The internet connectivity on the mobile is slower as coverage differs from area to area. Mobile phones are portable devices so do not put a large amount of features on your website as it may increase the loading time. Keep your images on the website small and compressed; reduce the tags and comments from home page so that it can easily be downloaded on mobile.
  • If you are building a website for mobile then it is better to choose a URL which is simpler and easier to remember. Avoid using the technologies like Flash, frames, Java Applets and pop ups as most of the mobiles don’t support these technologies.
  • Remove extra links and content from main page as this will let the users see the information which is needed by them. It will also reduce page size and loading time of your website.
  • When you are creating a mobile website design for smaller screens, then avoid using dimensions for absolute pixels. For example if you place an image on your website, then it will occupy a large amount of space on the screen. Use the sizes of the image by using percentages, which will adjust on the screen of any size automatically.
  • The font you choose must be correct like it should not be italicized and handwritten fonts. Your website must have readable content, so it is essential to give appropriate letter and line spacing.

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