The Hottest And Upcoming Web Design Trends For 2013

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2012 was a year in which a lot of new trends were introduced in web designing. We expect 2013 to be even better than the last year in terms of introduction of new trends in web design. All web designers should read this article as today I am going to tell you about the hottest and upcoming web design trends for 2013.

  • Responsive Layouts

    More and more websites are incorporating responsive web designs or RWD. Websites that have a responsive layout offer a better browsing experience to the visitors. Moreover, such websites are designed specifically to look good on a variety of screen sizes including that off tablets, PC and laptops. In short, responsive layouts offer an enhanced viewing experience to the website visitors.

  • Large Image Backgrounds

    This design trend will be most pleasing for photograph lovers. These days a large number of websites use big image backgrounds in order to deliver their message to the audience. Large photo backgrounds are attractive and help to deliver a strong message. Moreover, they also serve as a marketing tool for a website.

  • Flat Design

    Flat design websites includes white spaces, crisp typography and solid colors. This type of web design is user friendly. Some popular websites that are using flat design are Fitbit, Lorenzo Verzini and January Creative. Moreover, there are various advantages of using a Flat web design including scalability, quick load time and usability.

  • Ux Centered Design

    This year a large number of websites will adopt mobile application UI patterns. The main reason behind this is that mobile app style websites are easy to scroll and navigate. Moreover, app style websites are visually appealing and interactive.

  • Parallax Web Design

    This type of web design is for the lazy and lethargic users. In a Parallax web design all the information on the website is fitted into a single page. Hence, users are not required to ‘click’ for the information. Moreover, Parallax web design is known for its simplicity and usefulness. However, keep in mind that there are various drawback of Parallax scrolling. The first and the foremost drawback is that such websites are not SEO friendly. Furthermore, slow loading speed is also a drawback of Parallax web design.

  • Detailed Illustrations

    New web design trends are all about grabbing user’s attention. I personally believe that illustrations can help to catch peoples’ attention. In 2013, illustrations will be incorporated in the overall web design of a website. The more creative you are, the better ways you can find to incorporate illustrations into your web page.

  • Infinite Scrolling

    Despite the fact that infinite scrolling had been introduced several years ago, it didn’t hit mainstream until last year. In 2012, this trend gained web developers attention and I am sure it will continue to gain popularity in 2013. Well known website Tumblr also uses this technique. Keep in mind that this loading technique might not do wonders on every layout but for the correct type of sites this technique can work incredibly.


The bottom line is that in 2013 a lot of new trends will be introduced in web designing. Moreover, a successful website is one that is able to attract user’s attention. You should be well informed about the latest trends in web design as boring websites won’t attract visitors.

About Author:

Sarah McPherson got into online marketing a little over 3 years ago, after spending many years in the web design world. The tangible results that online marketing brings are what drive Sarah. Sarah is a member of the website design newcastle company Eureka SEM.

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