Conspiracy Theorists – Two of my Favourites

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Two of my Favourite Conspiracy Theorists

Conspiracy Theories

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[schema type="review" name="Conspiracy Theorists" description="Here I have briefly talked about two of my favourite conspiracy theorists - Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones. Their shows are very educating and informing." author="Rob Attfield" pubdate="2013-01-22" ]

I have listened and watch a number of conspiracy theorists online, that detail what the evil Bildeberg’s (and others) ultimate plans are. People have often thought of me as being insane, but I keep seeing more and more incidents of corruption by governments – outside of this, which make be believe there is something going on. Two main conspiracy theorists come to mind when I’m asked about conspiracy theorists – one a former governor and navy seal, and the other is a charismatic radio presenter. These two conspiracy theorists are Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones.

Jesse Ventura

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

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Jesse Ventura is a former actor, wrestler, governor (of Minnesota, U.S.A), and of course the main presenter behind the popular alternative show – Conspiracy Theorists with Jesse Ventura. Before I seen him in countless Youtube videos for his show, I knew him best as the guy who played Blain in the movie “Predator”. I found it surprising when I first came across his videos on YouTube that he was doing these shows (especially the ones about government and New World Order conspiracies), since I also knew he was the former governor of Minnesota – from 1999 to 2003.

Beneath his hard exterior, he is a person that I believe is campaigning for a genuine cause – to uncover the truth in corrupt government officials and Bilderberg members, and what their real intentions are. While I am a bit skeptical about his theories about Reptilians and time travel, I can see some that have a high chance of bearing some truth. Here are some links to some Youtube videos promoting his show’s episodes:


Alex Jones

Alex Jones

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Alex Jones is definitely one of the most charismatic conspiracy theorists I have come across. He is a vocal opponent of tyrannical groups like the Bilderbergs and corporations/banks/people that fall under the “elitist’” category. He has created numerous videos on Youtube, protesting against the people that want to turn us into their “slaves”. Along with his video shows on Youtube, he has created numerous “movies” – documentaries about the government, Bilderbergs, the New World Order, and many more, that go in excess of 2 hours in length. While a lot of people would call me a whacko for even listening and watching his videos, I know that Alex Jones is on to something here… I have seen numerous patterns, well publicized events of corruption (politically), ordinary people suffering for bad decisions that government and banking cartels make, that all point to something going on.

All of his videos (and Jesse Ventura’s) have lead me to think one thing – if there is something going on, and these evil groups do what Alex Jones (and Jesse Ventura) have found out, then what kind of future are we facing? I know I don’t want to be rounded up into some concentration camp and have an RFID chip forced into my body, and cease control of my life to these tyrannical ******.  If you want to see some of his videos, I urge you to visit them here:

I also recommend that you visit his websites –, and

If you have any opinions on Jesse Ventura, Alex Jones, or conspiracy theories in general, feel free to leave a constructive comment below. If you know a lot about conspiracy theories, have met Alex or Jesse, have participated in protests against the Bilderberg’s and Wall Street, please get in touch with me.


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Conspiracy Theorists – Two of my Favourites
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