Power Tools For Newbie Bloggers -Three Must-Haves

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Blogging Tools for Newbie Bloggers

Powerful Blogger Tools That You Should Use
(Source: 5 Powerful Blogging Tools That You Should Use).

With the abundance of blogs on the Internet today, new bloggers may not know where to start when it comes to generating interest in their blog or gaining readers. And every blogger knows that if they want to find blogging success, they need readers.

Luckily, there are plenty of tools out there that can help newbie bloggers gain more exposure and interest in their blog – and surpass many of the other blogs out there today. The following are three must-have tools for every newbie blogger to succeed.

1. Grammarly

The biggest reason your blog will fail is if the content on the blog is poorly written. If readers have a difficult time trying to understand what you’re saying, or weeding through a ton of misspellings, it will deter them from ever coming back to your site. This is why it’s important that all new bloggers invest in Grammarly. Grammarly is a grammar checker program that works better than all word processing programs. Not only will it catch grammar and spelling mistakes, but it will also provide you with better word choices and ensure that you’re not plagiarizing any other work found online. Plus, Grammarly works instantly, so you don’t have to worry about your proofreader making the deadline.

2. Inbox Q

The content of your blog is what will ultimately drive readers to your site. If the content is valuable and interesting, you can rest assured that you will gain more readers. But most bloggers have a hard time coming up with the topic for their next blog post. Inbox Q can help.

Inbox Q is a program that allows you to search what’s popular on Twitter and use that information to create your own blog posts. You set up your own notifications, and Inbox Q will notify you when questions are being asked that pertain to your keywords. For example, if your blog is about frugal living, you can set up “frugal” as a keyword, and every time it’s mentioned, you will get a notification. The questions that people ask on Twitter can help you find the topic for your next blog post, ultimately keeping you creating valuable content your readers will enjoy.

3. Flickr

While the content of your blog is important, so are the visuals. Images are known to be one of the first things your readers see, which is why it’s important to add valuable images to your blog. You have the option of adding your own images, but sometimes your content may require the help of an image you can’t capture on your own. Enter Flickr.

Flickr is an online image sharing site that is full of a variety of different images. The search field is extremely helpful, allowing you to pinpoint the exact image that you need. Plus, the Creative Commons section is filled with images that are available for commercial use, which means that you can place them on your blog. Just be a good sport and provide the photographer with a photo credit.

About the author…

Fanny A. lives in Dallas and works as a writer.  She is currently using the Grammarly grammar checker to proof her work.

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Power Tools For Newbie Bloggers -Three Must-Haves
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