The Impact of the .NET Framework

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We live in a world that is ruled and managed by computers and software plays a key role in this tech driven world. Since the foundation of Microsoft, we saw massive changes in the field of software development – including the implementation of the .NET Framework. Bill Gates showed us how entertaining and productive a computer can be. From sending mail and playing games to creating animated movies, we do it all with the help of software.

.NET Framework Development

What made Microsoft the leader in the field of software development is their business strategy. They not only paid attention to the end users, but software developers as well and created great platforms like .NET to help .Net developers create custom apps. With the help of .NET framework, software developers can build new software and increase the productivity of hundreds of business organizations.

.NET comes as a part of the Windows OS of Microsoft – due to the advantages it provides, developers all around the world love it. The framework encompasses following web standards.

  • XML- This format is used for data exchange between web apps.
  • UDDI- Standard to find and scan internet services.
  • SOAP- Format for requesting internet services.

Let’s find out some of the advantages of .NET development.

  • Hassle free software integration.
  • It allows a wide range of internet enabled devices to access apps and data.
  • Supports directory tools that could answer queries based on XML.
  • Has the capability to track visitors and keeps record of the most requested pages.
  • Supports many levels of service authentication such as passwords, wallets and smart cards.

The .NET framework has rich library that helps application developers in their work. The library helps in website development, UI design, database connection and much more. .NET gives you the freedom to develop, deploy and manage custom solutions across internet without any headache. If you own a business and want to integrate a .NET based solution into your system, you can do it easily and send/receive information anytime, anywhere.

This versatile framework simplifies web development by separating application logic and presentation logic. Hence, codes remain secure and maintaining large chunk of codes become easier. In fact, with the help of .NET, you can compose design code and actual code separately.

The app development process of .NET is also quite user friendly. If you want to install an app, copy the app and all its components and put them in a directory on the client’s computer.

If you are a budding web programmer and want to earn money by developing custom applications for your clients, then start exploring .NET framework today and increase your chances of success.

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Jagruti Patel loves to write and share about Information Technology, and also works at Cygnet Infotech. Jagruti works with technologies like BizTalk Server, .Net Software Development, wcf service, Silverlight Development Services, and Windows 8 application development.

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The Impact of the .NET Framework
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