Top 5 SEO Tips For Newbies To Remember

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SEO Tips and Tricks

SEO Tips and TricksWe all know that your blog or website will be worth nothing if you don’t know anything about SEO, and what it is needed for. There is no need to ignore this important part of your blog’s promotion, because no one will know nothing about your website without that. But it doesn’t mean that your blog will get huge traffic, and become one of the most popular on the Web, when you start practicing some SEO tips. The main aspect is to do that right!

So, in order to improve your blog’s index and get much traffic, it is better to learn, remember and follow some tips and tricks checked by experienced bloggers and SEO specialists and proven to work well for your site’s promotion.

Here we want to share 5 basic SEO tips that every blogger should remember and use, in order to make their website SEO-friendly. Certainly, they will be more useful for newbies, as professional and experienced bloggers know them already for sure. Let’s look at some SEO tips, and get more traffic for our blogs!

Welcome keywords!

No keywords – no traffic! We bet you know how all this system with search engines works: they extract a keyword out of your website to show it in search results. So, if you want Google to show your blog in the list of its search results, just help it find this blog.

So, writing a post for your blog, don’t forget to use proper keywords in its title and body itself. But it doesn’t mean that you should add the same keyword too many times, because in this case search engines will consider your blog as a spam and ban it. This is one of many SEO tips that should be taken seriously.

Don’t forget about a sitemap!

Many bloggers think that it’s unnecessary to add a sitemap to the site because it gives nothing. But it’s not true. With the help of a sitemap search engines will crawl your blog better, and the big chances are that they will find all the information needed.

What is a sitemap actually? This is the list of links that are present at your site and the hierarchy of pages at your blog. Make it easier for crawlers to find your website – add a sitemap to it.

Meta tags play an important role too

What do we need meta tags for? They help all search engines understand what type of websites they work with, and what category your blog should be attributed to.

Such meta tags as title, keywords and description will also help you make your blog’s rank high, so, don’t be lazy to add them every time you write a post.

What about images?

You’ll make a huge mistake if you don’t let the images of your blog or website work on you! If you still don’t know anything about ALT-tag, it’s high time to start using it.

This tag will help people find your image in Google Images search! As you understand, it can bring you much more traffic at once. It’s sad to admit, but many bloggers just ignore this trick or consider it being not very significant.

Link your posts!

When you write a post for your blog, don’t forget adding related links to it. It can be some internal links to your previous articles, and you will bring more traffic to your blog in such a way.

How does it work? With the help of these links your reader will be motivated to see more information, and he will visit more pages of your blog as a result.

Try to follow these basic SEO tips while blogging. They may seem obvious and too simple for you, but they really work! Good luck with your SEO!

Submitted by Alex Strike, a young but professional blogger and assignment helper. Alex writes on different topics, and he is always ready to help you with your writing.

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