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Some Useful jQuery Plugins Worth Trying Out

Useful jQuery Plugins

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Lately I have come across a whole bunch of useful jQuery plugins, and thought I would share them with you all here. It is amazing to see the versatility of jQuery inspiring creativity – for plugins that have a real use for web developers. While some of these plugins will not suit everyone’s needs, they do have their own special purpose – a purpose to help make web development faster and simpler, while assisting web developers to provide meaningful web user experiences.

This post will be giving a brief overview of some useful jQuery plugins I have come across recently, and also some newly-discovered ones. If you want to know more information about each of them, I encourage you to visit their official website links, and try out some of their examples. If you have any of your own, or would like to mention one you have discovered, feel free to leave a comment and I will be sure to add them here.

Without further ado, here are my reviews of the useful jQuery plugins:

jQuery SpellChecker

 jQuery Spellchecker is a neat plugin which checks the spelling within user input fields and the DOM tree. This plugin supports the Unicode format (compatible with most languages), the implementation of an HTML Parser for WYSIWYG editors, and the use for text parsing – for checking spelling in form text fields. This will be a very useful jQuery plugin for contact forms – catering for people who are pedantic with their spelling, and for web developers who want to customize a WordPress-like CMS.


Want to create stylish and responsive tooltip-style toolbars for your website? Toolbar.js is one of the useful jQuery plugins that makes use of Twitter Bootstrap to give tooltip-style toolbars a more sharper look. The plugin gives you the flexibility of defining how the these toolbars display, and gives you the power to choose what and how many icons to include (the icons included with Twitter Bootstrap).


Textillate.js is a flexible jQuery plugin that allows you to create entertaining animation effects for text on web pages. This plugin combines the innovative techniques of CSS3 animations with jQuery to give these animations pizazz and an entertaining quirkiness to ordinary-looking text. To be able to use this plugin, you will also need to obtain the animate.css and lettering.js libraries.


The Conditionizr plugin makes it easier for you to serve conditional Javascript and CSS files, based on the user’s pixel and browser ratio. This plugin also detects if the web page is being viewed from a retina device (i.e an iPad with retina display), and helps make the page look crisper on retina enabled devices. If the device is not retina enabled,  a simple “no-retina” class is added. One of the neat things about this plugin is that it requires no extra HTML markup – making it that much easier to implement this plugin. The plugin’s official website will give you an extensive overview of the features that are offered.


Selectik is a jQuery plugin that makes the creation of website forms much more exiting. This plugin is very versatile – providing a completely customizable set of options, such as:

  • TAB key control
  • Original select key control
  • Mouse wheel control
  • Search by first letter
  • Custom/default scroll
  • Smart positioning
  • Auto/custom width

You can visit their official website to explore the plugin’s demo, and experiment with their features. If you find this one of the most useful jQuery plugins for making forms, I wouldn’t be surprised.


We have all come across web pages that are loaded with content – so much that you have to scroll, scroll, and keep scrolling down to read it. The ScrollUp plugin provides a more exiting means of a “scroll to top” feature – a more “colourful” version of the standard anchor link you might insert after each paragraph on a large page.  This plugin also enables you to fully customize it to suit whatever project you are working on, via the included CSS file. You can go to their official website to see how easy it is to implement the plugin.

jQuery Custom Scrollbar

Admit it – we all see that familiar grey bland scrollbar on most websites we browse. While the ordinary scrolling in web browsers is useful in it’s own right, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be made more dazzling. This is where the jQuery custom scrollbar plugin comes in – to give the ions-old scrollbar a much needed facelift. The jQuery plugin teams up with CSS to allow this facelift to happen – with a sleek and polished look. This plugin is also compatible across all major browsers, including I.E versions 7 to 10, with it also being compatible with mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android.

If you are sick of seeing the dull old grey scrollbar, you can check out the plugin’s official website to give the grey scrollbar a much needed makeover. This is definitely one of the most useful jQuery plugins for customizing ordinary scrollbars.


When I came across the Photobox plugin, I thought it was like just every other photo gallery plugin – but once I explored the plugin demo, I was quickly impressed. This plugin is really lightweight, with the jQuery and CSS scripts weighing at a meagre 7k each. The CSS makes use of hardware acceleration to make the CSS transition features run much smoother, and also lets you change and customize the features that make this plugin special. For such a lightweight plugin, I am truly impressed by the power and features that it is packed with, and am very happy to add it to my useful jQuery plugins collection.

Extra Information

I could probably go on and on with reviews about numerous useful jQuery plugins reviews, but I thought I would help out my fellow bloggers by listing some other valuable jQuery plugin reviews below:

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