Wall Street – The Biggest Con Job in World History!

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My take on the Wall Street video

[schema type="movie" url="www.watchdocumentary.tv/meltdown-global-financial-collapse/" name="Meltdown - The Global Financial Crisis" description="I have always wondered what was really behind the financial crisis in 2007-2008, and how the lies and deceptions of Wall Street ruined many lives." ]

Wall Street Demonstrators vs Wall Street Bankers

(Above image was taken from http://philosophers-stone.co.uk/wordpress/2011/11/the-real-wall-street-crooks/).

This is a video (further down this post) I watched a couple of weeks ago while browsing YouTube… I have always thought that there was something going on in the financial markets of Wall Street and this video was very eye-opening. I think it is disturbing and outrageous that the banking cartels get multi-billion dollar bailouts by the U.S government, while American’s and other people around the world are suffering for their bad decisions.

This video centers around the financial collapse – that began in Wall Street and occurred some time in 2007, due to the real-estate bubble being well and truly popped. Sub-prime mortgages were widely to blame for this happening, and the complicated trading schemes on securities and debt enabled this to have a far-reaching effect across most of the world.

The biggest institutions that were affected by bailouts, being bought out, liquidation,  were: Lehman Brothers, AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Stearns. There are many others that were affected by Wall Street – including banks and institutions in the U.K, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Iceland, and countries in the European Union. Russia, Japan, and most other Western countries were also affected in some way or another.

The video goes for nearly three hours – so you may want to download the video to watch offline. The Youtube video does give links to a series of four videos that make up the whole three hours.

Have any constructive opinions to share about the financial crisis and this video? Feel free to leave a comment… I have seen many similar videos on Youtube that describe what happened on Wall Street, and have been comparing them with eachother. Some of them contradict each other, which is why I am not completely sold on the theories explained in the video.  By watching videos similar to this one,  I am becoming more aware of how the elites and groups like the Bilderbergs use the financial markets to manipulate the world governments.

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Wall Street – The Biggest Con Job in World History!
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