Day 85 – Wednesday October 16th 2013

The first thing I did today was going over the research material and presentation script for the Linux assignment. We took turns at reading our presentation scripts aloud, and made some changes to the presentation slides. With the work we have done on the Linux presentation, we can feel confident we will do a good job for the presentation tomorrow afternoon.

After working on the Linux assignment, I spent the majority of my time at Polytech working on the Databases 3 assignment. I’ve been hearing rumours that the assignment due date has been put forward by another week, but I’ll verify with Tom first before I make any hasty decisions (about the assignment). I know I’ve been struggling with tying the backend with the interface, so maybe the extra time might be beneficial. I still hope I can get it finished on time though – it is rare for me to submit an assignment late. The rest of the time for the assignment will be devoted to making sure the input fields work, and I create the appropriate records in the database. I know once I’ve got past the first pane, I’ll be able to learn from that and keep going for the rest of them. I’ve had to take out the Parent class, because I had trouble inserting records for parents – especially linking two parent records together (like in a pig’s ear relationship – demonstrating something like two parents being married together, etc). I realised I was spending too much time fussing over this, which is why I have put myself behind – hence why I am leaving Parent related features out until everything else is working.

In the afternoon, I ended up getting an email from Greg Sise (EnergyLink) – with a meeting being scheduled for 11am next Tuesday morning. I’m looking forward to discussing the progress the data acquisition has made, and to gain more certainty with what information I can get. If possible, I hope to see what exactly the format is for the data, and to see what kind of DBMS can be used to manage it (if I am required to store the data on a local server). I am hoping I don’t get over-awed with this particular challenge – it is managing vastly different types of data I have managed previously. It will be a step-by-step process to overcome the challenge presented – I’ll (probably) need to start off with small examples, and then keep building things up as I get better at knowing how things work. As the data is very crucial to the project’s success, I need to not be afraid asking questions – some of them may be perceived as stupid, but I can’t gain knowledge and answers if I don’t ask for it. I’m sure the developers at EnergyLink, and the upstream data providers, will be able to provide advice.

After reading my project communications, it was time to attend the Project class. We talked about how each group will create an MVP that will contribute to the initial proposition statements. For my project, I hope to conduct a survey as soon as the MVP is deployed – to see what users currently understand about energy, the affects of energy use, and it’s conservation. I then thought that surveys could be taken from the time the MVP is deployed, until the end of the project – this will enable me to see how my project has addressed the initial value proposition, and also will show tangible evidence of my project addressing it. Below is a screenshot capture of some notes I took in the class:

Project Class Notes - 17-10-2013

At home, I kept working on the Databases 3 assignment. Numerous tests kept failing, but some tests also worked – it’s been interesting working out what/how/when/why etc with the issues, and then getting things to work (one of the reasons why I am very interested in programming). I think it is still touch-and-go with getting my assignment in on time – I know I’d rather hand in something working than something which is broken. I still am hoping I can get it in on time.

To do tomorrow (17/10/2013)

  • Continue working on Databases 3 assignment – hoping I keep pressing forward and making progress
  • Attend Linux class, hand in assignment material, and give assignment presentation
  • Catch up on missed Linux lab (since Databases 3 assignment has higher priority, this may be delayed)
  • Catch up on missed Databases 3 lab (since Databases 3 assignment has higher priority, this may be delayed)
  • Update work blog