My Latest Laravel Based Project

My Latest Laravel Based Project

Bitcoin Faucet Rotator – Powered by Laravel 5.*

Laravel and Bitcoin

After months of residing in a private repository, I have finally decided to make this Laravel powered script project open-source.

The project enables you to start your very own bitcoin faucet rotator, for which you can earn varying amounts of referral income.  The main purpose of this script is to allow ‘small-time’/beginner bitcoin enthusiasts to earn free bitcoins faster than manually surfing hundreds of bitcoin faucets. With a solid marketing campaign, your referral income is limited only by your potential. If you are new to Bitcoins, you can view the official documentation to find out more.

The Twitter Integration enables faucets to be tweeted when they are added and updated. Every hour, a faucet is chosen at random and tweeted.

As I am more of a back-end developer, the client-facing design, look and feel of the script is quite ‘simple’. While I seem to follow the ‘simple is best’ approach, I strongly encourage any contribution that will visually enhance this script.

Official Documentation

For installation instructions, please view the file. I will be making a blog post for instructions on my personal site ASAP. You can also view the install instructions published on this blog.


If anyone wants to contribute, by all means to so. To help make things easier for this, I request all contributions follow these steps below:

  • Fork the repository.
  • Add your code, make a fix, etc…
  • Submit a pull request to this repository.

If you spot mistakes in my code, please by all means let me know. I’m always wanting to improve my code, so collaboration is very welcome.

Quality of Code


To help other potential contributors (as well as myself) understand what you have contributed, please comment your code. Suggested examples can be viewed at

PHP Coding Standards

As I want to increase the quality of my code, I plan to use relevant PHP coding standards from (at least up to PSR4).

Software Design Principles

I also will do my best to adhere to relevant software design principles – a good reference for these is Some good examples of software design principles, in PHP, can be seen at–cms-634.

Software Design Patterns

Where appropriate, I also plan to enhance code quality by making the most out of Object-Oriented Design Patterns. Some excellent examples can be found at


PHP Code Base

For testing PHP classes, functions, code logic, etc, I plan to use PHPUnit. If you don’t know what PHPUnit is, you can visit the vendor website at – examples of it’s use in Laravel 5+ can be seen at

JQuery/Vanilla Javascript

Up until now, I haven’t seriously considered unit testing any of my Javascript/JQuery code (probably because my speciality is back-end server-side code). That is a bad thing on my part, so I plan on starting now. Upon a quick glance, QUnit provides an excellent framework for testing – some excellent examples can be directly accessed at The ‘Intro’ section is comprehensive, so will be looked upon very often.


Want to talk about this repository, coding in general, etc? Get in touch with me at:

* Email: emailme[.AT.]robertattfield[.DOT.]com
* My Contact Page:
* LinkedIn:
* Stack Overflow:
* Facebook:


The Bitcoin Faucet Rotator is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license. A file is also included with this repository.

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