User Feedback for my Bitcoin Project

User Feedback for my Bitcoin Project

Bitcoin, Laravel, GitHub – Repository Feedback

Bitcoin, Laravel, GitHub - Repository Feedback

Not long after releasing my Laravel-based Bitcoin project, I started to get my first user issues and feedback. This made me feel quite excited, as people out there started to have an interest in my project. While I encourage users to mention particular issues publicly, I generally accept ones sent by email (especially if private information is needed).

Through this project, I hope to get more people interested in Bitcoin – which is why I am concentrating on good feedback. If I can play some positive part in Bitcoin, I will be very happy.

Below is an example of email communications I had with a user. The user’s details have been anonymised to respect their privacy.

User (2015-12-09 16:50): 

Hello there!

First thank you very much for your help. I took several hours trying to run your bitcoin rotator script… :p

He faithfully followed the steps that you describe in Github.

Step 4: I receive some errors when I try to run db: seed (line 1151 from Curler.php in app/Helpers/WebsiteMeta).
Step 8: I also get errors via gulp (gulp-notify, sass…)

You can see what is shown here: http://***********/
SSH access: *****************

I appreciate what can help me. Waiting for your news…


Myself (2015-12-11 00:07):

Hi there,

I found some possible thoughts about what you’re experiencing, especially “Step 4: I receive some errors when I try to run db: seed (line 1151 from Curler.php in app/Helpers/WebsiteMeta)”. The error output you’re seeing here is expected – some URL’s in the CSV seeding files might not be valid anymore (e.g. report 404 or 500 type errors).. What needs to be done is for any error logging to instead append the output you mentioned to a log file instead.

Also, it could be possible a GitHub access token may need to be generated for your server. In the ideal world, a user such as yourself wouldn’t have to do this (e.g. you just clone the script). I will find out more about how to get this done automatically – in the meantime, I’ll make one for you manually.

Regarding your issues with gulp… You can ignore references to gulp-notify. From my knowledge, this is used to notify (via a GUI/popup) when a gulp command has finished executing. With regard to ‘sass…’, this can happen if all the required libraries (in ‘package.json’) are not installed (by running npm install). Also, sometimes you may need to run ‘npm rebuild node-sass’ when you ‘npm install’ for the first time or after running ‘npm update’.

I also appreciate it very much that you let me know about your errors etc. The feedback will help greatly for this project – with many other users and contributors, the project has a good chance of improving and being refined to higher standards.

If you would like to contribute, I strongly encourage that you research Laravel (namely, version 5.0 and up) and garner inspiration from their awesome code-base and community. I first started learning Laravel nearly a year ago, and have fallen in love with it. If you’re completely new to web development in general, feel free to ask more questions and I’ll be sure to help out.

I also plan to publish this email in my blog (and maybe GitHub issues) to help other users out. You can be assured I’ll anonymize anything that identifies you, should you request so.

Myself (2015-12-11 14:02):

Hi there,

I have made some changes and I see your bitcoin faucet rotator is up and running at ***********. One problem was you forgot to enable Apaches ‘mod_rewrite’, which is why Laravel’s routing (and site pages) were returning 404 errors. This is one of the pre-requisites in the instructions.

Feel free to use your login and change the front page content (accessible through **********/admin/main_meta once you have logged in), and also your Twitter Config and Ad Block settings (options will show in top main navigation once you are logged in).

I also suggest that you point a domain name to your I.P address instead of plainly using an I.P address. I see you have the ‘**********’ domain but something else is using it. If you are having trouble with this, let me know. I also think Google finds domain names more attractive than I.P addresses (for SEO purposes anyway).

If you experience other issues, I recommend you submit them as issues on the main GitHub repository. That way, others may be able to also provide feedback, and also help others that might be experiencing similar issues. Please make sure you anonymize data (e.g. URL’s, passwords, path names, etc) before doing so, as the issue tracker is open to the public. You can still email me if you really need to :).

For now on, I’ll be posting issues etc on the Bitcoin project’s GitHub repository.

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