Things Laravel Made Me Believe – Jeffrey Way – Laracon EU 2015

Things Laravel Made Me Believe – Jeffrey Way – Laracon EU 2015

Laravel’s extreme success and popularity can be reduced to a single word: simplicity. Surprisingly, however, writing simple code is no easy feat! This talk will discuss key decisions that led to Laravel’s success, while, in the process, reviewing a number of lessons-learned from over-architecting applications.

This talk was given at Laracon EU 2015. Visit for more talks.


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40 comments on “Things Laravel Made Me Believe – Jeffrey Way – Laracon EU 2015
  1. HartleySan says:

    Wow! The diatribe from 8:2018:20 was excellent. I wish every IT recruiter/employer could watch that and actually understand it. Being a developer is really hard these days.

  2. This is the first one-hour speech I've ever ever listened to entirely in my life!!!

  3. Prolific says:

    The hype around Laravel makes me want to vomit. Can I become a web artisan, extend eloquent and join the new renaissance? Don't get me wrong, I'm a developer with 20 years experience and I am using Laravel. But it needs to get over itself. It's a PHP web framework, not a revolution.

  4. pencil says:

    Fantastic and genuinely inspiring

  5. I have never heard of frameworks or laravel before today. Now that I've seen this video, I want to be inside of it.

  6. I like this very much. Just to say that the important understanding of code is its API. APIs that are layered in depth one on top of the other. Want to do anything simply then start at the top but if you want to dig deeper then the quality of API and code under each layer matters. Larval is sold on the basis of easy understanding of its layer. The hours spent later will be debugging the deep layers to find any bugs!

  7. stachowi says:

    He (Jeffrey) reminds me of Derek Sivers…

  8. Luke Watts says:

    Jeffrey gets home and opens the door "What do you mean 'Even my wife could understand this??!!'" >:[

  9. Hifi Fan says:

    Amazing talk – really relevant to me at the moment. Thanks Jeff.

  10. This was hilarious.. This was actually the mirror
    of my programming life almost verbatim. Amazing..

  11. Thank you so much for this, finally someone discusses just how hard this stuff is. I've been building sites since the Geocities days and it just keeps getting more and more complex, this talk has helped me to give myself a break and actually realise just how much is involved.. Thanks again I'm going back to Laracasts to stuff more into my brain!

  12. Great talk, cheers Jeffrey.

  13. Saad Mehmood says:

    He is laravenger :p
    thanks for great talk :)

  14. You rock Jeffery! I'm not a PHP developer but I still subscribe and I learn so much! Thanks man for all the great work you are doing!

  15. Thanks Jeffrey Way. it's good to have amazing guys like to show people how one should code. I really found myself in your examples.

  16. Mohnas Nassr says:

    Great talks, thanks a lot Jeffrey :)

  17. Peter Batah says:

    Just had one of those "Been listening to Jeffrey for months now, but never pictured him looking like this" moments. Not that anything is wrong with the way he looks.

  18. jameshello38 says:

    jeffrey way – my programming superhero

  19. E. Elias says:

    Amazing presentation. Respect.

  20. Sam Deacon says:

    39:35, sorry couldn't listen to a word he said for the next 30 seconds lol :-P

  21. After being 15 years working with PHP It feels really good to understand all what he is talking about.

  22. roshi mon says:

    One day I wanna be like you :)

  23. roshi mon says:

    Love you Jeff bro :)

  24. Shinobi-san says:

    Really cool talk :)

  25. my favorite! pareng Jeffrey! haha

  26. @JeffreyWay you really nailed it. I thought I was alone when I always feel this way.

  27. So cool to listen to Jeffrey! Humor, empathy and truth :)) Great tech performer!

  28. Sonu Joshi says:

    Jeffrey for programmers is what Morgan Freeman to movie buffs. You just want to listen both of them endlessly.

  29. Thanks! Really Awesome talk..

  30. Excellent talk. So true.

  31. I totally love this presentation, it just hit all the right spot of a developer's life. Truly Jeffery Way as harnessed his skills in teaching in a large way.

  32. Jinseok Oh says:

    Jeff. You are now on a par with Super -heros

  33. George Holt says:

    Thanks for the great talk Jeffrey!

  34. Awesome talk! Thank you.

  35. Wayan Jimmy says:

    Great talks, thanks Jeffrey Way :)

  36. Ben Powley says:

    Awesome talk. Really going to think about these things when I'm working and come back to this a lot.

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