My Web Development Portfolio

The items below are the main pieces of work I have worked on. In addition to these examples, you can also see some coding I have done on GitHub. I am always looking for opportunities to grow this portfolio – if you are interested, you can visit my ‘hire me’ page to discuss relevant opportunities.

Portfolio Items

Bitcoin Faucet Rotator

Bitcoin Faucet Rotator website

This website was a personal project I undertook to keep my mind active while still looking for work. I have been interested in bitcoins since 2011, and thought of creating something small-time bitcoin enthusiasts could use to earn free bitcoins.

This project was built using the Laravel framework, which uses Composer to install and update Laravel-related and external dependencies. I also used Bower, Gulp, and Node Package Manager to manage front-end libraries – the main one being Bootstrap.

I also integrated Twitter automatic posting with the project – when a new faucet or payment processor gets added/updated, a Tweet is sent to a designated Twitter account. A random faucet is also tweeted every hour.

This project is ongoing as I think of new features and ideas for it. Screenshots of the public-facing and admin sections of the site can be seen at


Gravelroad Website

While I was employed at Eyemagnet Limited, one of my projects involved converting Gravelroad’s static website into a Drupal-based CMS. I worked under the lead developer to create the necessary Drupal content types, and implement the look-and-feel the designers created. As this was my first serious Drupal-based project, the lead developer provided me some excellent mentoring. The challenging nature of this project made it very enjoyable, and I learned alot from it.

Dunedin City Wide Energy Meter

Dunedin City-Wide Energy Meter portfolio item

This website was created for my year-long capstone project. The aim for the project was to help increase energy literacy, while increasing confidence to participate in energy-related discussions. These related to issues such as energy strategy decisions, land use decisions, and land transport decisions.

Kahu Technologies

Kahu Technologies portfolio item

Custom designed and developed website for Kahu Technologies, a New Zealand technology developer and engineering service provider. This company’s expertise is in lightweight composites and computational fluid dynamics. Designed by Matt Norrish and developed alongside myself at NewSplash Studios.


CareerCloud portfolio item

Established by the New Zealand ITPs, CareerCloud helps to link businesses to work-ready students and graduates in a number of sectors nationwide.

Matt Norrish led development, collaborating with a team of newSplash Studio colleagues. These colleagues were Nick Bryson and myself, and designer, Victoria Griffin, to create stage one of this web application. This project was originally built on the CodeIgniter PHP framework.