Education and Work Experience


Web Developer Education and Work Experience

After working out a solid career plan as a web developer in 2009, I embarked on an educational pathway to get the relevant skills needed. Five years later, in 2014, I achieved my overall goal of obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology – a degree which has equipped me well for future endeavours. Along the way, I have also studied computer science and two level 4 certificates. Specific details about my qualifications are below:

Further details about my education – including papers I sat, their marks, and description – can be seen on my LinkedIn profile.

Work Experience

Web Developer Work Experience

The following information outlines work experience I have as a web developer:

Software Development Engineer (Eyemagnet Ltd)

 | Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand

In this position, I was tasked with managing, developing, and assisting with software solutions (web and native-based) for a wide range of customer/client requirements. My trial project involved the creation of a Drupal module, and most of my tasks in the role involved implementing and developing Drupal 8 powered websites. I also worked with Laravel for one project, primarily used PostgreSQL for database management, and developed in Mac OS and Linux environments.

Junior PHP / Web Developer (Seekom Limited)

(3 months) | Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand

Assisted other team members with management of the IBex booking systems, CMSWebsite2Go content management system, and also some support management. Work was largely undertaken through the Zend Framework and PostgreSQL, with main activities involving managing faults and enhancements. Most of my work involved the security upgrade of the company’s legacy system.

Coding to standards mentioned on and

I was made redundant from this position .

Capstone Project – Web Developer

(1 year) | Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

As part of the final year of my degree, I undertook a year-long industry project. The aim of this project was to gain experience working with a real client, while addressing real-world business problems and opportunities. The primary goal of my project was to increase energy literacy levels amongst residents of Dunedin, while also increasing their confidence levels to participate in energy-related discussions.

The end product, a web-based application, was constructed with a PHP-based backend with a MySQL database. The front-end was built using the HTML Boilerplate framework – making the most of simplistic design to increase energy literacy. The application resides on a Linux-based server – which I also managed myself, through activities such as query caching, server optimization, and security fixes.

After finishing the end product, energy literacy levels increased by 30% and confidence levels increased by 10%. I also received numerous commendations from the project panel – who awarded my project a final mark of 90% (A+). Work experience wise, this was an enormous confidence booster – I obtained a good all-round experience as a web developer, and learned that thorough planning and documentation is just as important as coding itself.

Casual Web Developer (SouthernWare)

(7 months) | Dunedin

During the summer break, I was employed as a web developer for Southernware. Along with Rimu Boddy and John Maxwell, I worked on building an online shop which sells various species of consumable fish. The shop was being built with Ruby on Rails. Due to the other team members gaining full-time employment, the project was discontinued; however, I got to learn new skills (such as Ruby on Rails) and enjoyed talking about coding when I worked – which made this a positive work experience.

Web Developer (NewSplash Communication Design Studio)

(7 months) | Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand

I commenced employment at NewSplash Communication Design Studios in April 2012. The purpose of my employment here was to assist the lead web developer with web development solutions. These solutions consisted of static brochure sites, C.M.S-based websites, and assisting with database planning. I also worked with the in-house designers to make their website designs functional and a reality.

Most of my work was carried out in PHP, HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with WordPress and CodeIgniter being the most used frameworks.

While being employed here on a part time basis with my full-time studies, I gained very valuable work experience .